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Mike Dotterer - Licensed Trombone Operator

cartoon by Rob Henke
Mike Dotterer was born the son of a poor trombone-smith. His father had to pursue his craft of trombone building in the late hours of the night in a shed three miles away, up hill, and often in a storm, as to not be ridiculed by his peers... peers whose children were coordinated enough to play sports. One day, his son (Mike) heard the calling of the flutter tongued glissando and knew at precisely that moment what he must do with his life. .

Some years later, Mike became a freelance trombonist in the Philly & AC area and always welcomes the opportunity for more gigs and sandwiches. In less then a tweet, Mike is a UArts grad, studied under the tutelage of Sal Scarpa, J Hildebrandt, Dan Thomasone and Jim Pugh and has recorded and toured.

Currently, most of Mike's playing and arranging is with the Franklin Alison Band, "Hello, I Must Be Going!" Phil Collins tribute band, and his own groups, The Other Band, and the Hampton Brass. Some of the other local bands and ensembles he has played with and arranged for  would include: LA Starz (and other bands at EBE), The Exceptions, The Wind Symphony of Southern NJ, various flavors of CTO, The Carl Granieri Orchestras, The David Christopher Band and Then and Now.

Additional career highlights have been performances with 10,000 Maniacs, Phunkyman, Teddy Pendergrass, Starship, and various other tours, cruise ships, recordings and national acts.

Some recent quotes heard about Mike's playing:

"Best trombone player I know!" - Mike's son

"Done yet???" - Mike's wife.

"So You're the One!" - Mike's Neighbor & Eagle's Receiver Coach

"There have been several complaints of noise in the area." - HOA Sergent O' Hara

"I really don't miss when Mike would find it necessary to practice at 12am." - Mike's Dad